mercoledì 22 marzo 2023

Certificate of Excellence in Business


''DUEF AUTO PARTS'' has been awarded with the Certificate of Excellence in Business for excellent activity in 2022.

Based on the analysis of the full information available to the public for the year of '' DUEF AUTO PARTS ''  has fulfilled all the required criteria in the field of liquidity and solvency and for this reason it is positioned in 6.2% of the best companies compared to over 124270 companies active.

'' Certificate of Exellence ''is a reliable indicator of the financial stability and quality of the Company's business activity. This kind of reference to the company provides a reputation and an advantage in the election compared to other companies from the same field of activity.

Business Excellence - business quality confirmation

Certificate of Excellence - The Certificate of Excellence for our clients is a confirmation of long-term systematic and quality work that maintains its position at the top of the country'seconomy, together with companies from the region and Europe, because in the process of evaluation are applied the same stringent criteria, which have proven to draw correct conclusions. Only 6.2% of the 124270 registered companies meet these criteria, which is a reliable indicator that the company is stable and low risk.



The methodology of calculation of excellence is unique to all European markets and is based on 18 parameters of solvency and liquidity from the financial report, the solvency status of the company, the blockingof accounts, cooperative companies andlitigation. Statisticalmodelsareconstructed on the basis of financialindicators (debtlevel, liquidity, efficiency andeffectiveness) andonthe basis of adverse events (bankruptcy, liquidation, foreclosure) over a given period.


About Solvent Rating

Solvent Rating doo is an international company which is a leader in Albania in providing the comprehensive solutions needed for day-to-day business development. The company was founded with the aim of assisting Albanian companies in finding new clients, controlling them, collecting accountreceivable and increasing liquidity. The purpose of this company is also to educate Albanian businessmen to use this information, a practice that has been followed in the world for many years by successful businesses. Thanks to this, today we have partnership relationships with a large number of local and international companies.

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