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                             Ra.M.Oil Lubricants Oils DUGLAS house brand. DUGLAS OIL lubricants are of high performance quality for satisfying all the needs related to technological growing and fuel consumption reduction aim. They comply to all the international “ emission regulations”. The high products performances are obtained through a strict selection of high quality synthetic/ mineral base oils and specific additives.

Automotive lubricants range, is produced with high quality raw materials combined with the use of modern blending technologies and rigorous quality controls. They comply to all the international requirements such as API (American Petroleum Institute), ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) and they also comply to World Constructors standards (EOM).

All production processes are constantly updated for assuring compliance to all the international quality standards and allow RA.M.Oil to offer sophisticated and high technological products. “INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS” lubricants have been formulated to be used in the Industrial field where high performance products are needed. 

Dynamism, professionalism, spirit of cooperation characterize all departments of RA.M.OIL S.p.A., that, in pursuing its mission, uses a behavioral code, inspired by the highest ethical values based on Transparency, Fairness, Communication and Training

With the Sustainability Report the RA.M.OIL S.p.A. expresses and confirms its commitment to respect and safeguard the principles which strongly believes of :
Quality and technology, by adopting Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001: 2015, RA.M.OIL S.p.A. ensures conformity of finished products to the sales specifications so to satisfy every request and need from Customers;

Hygiene and quality standards of the production area are in compliance with the requirements of ISO 22716:2017

Environment and Risk Management,

  • The Environmental Management System conforming to ISO 14001:2015, through policies focused on risk reduction and process optimization, promotes the implementation of innovative technologies to reduce environmental impact;
  • The advanced Environmental Management System granted in 2018 the EMAS Registration (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) in compliance with Regulation (EC) n. 1221/2009. This important outcome represents a further proof of the stable commitment to production process optimization and energy efficiency, to the continuous improvement of environmental performance, to employees’ active involvement and to transparency with the community, local authorities and other stakeholders.
    Ramoil environmental targets and achieved results are summarized in Dichiarazione Ambientale

People Safety and Health, by adopting Occupational Health and Safety Management System conforming to OHAS 18001:2007 and introducing continuous training activities and periodic checks, in order to develop staff responsibility and awareness. Constant updates and improvements have allowed not only the achievement of standards set by the current Regulations, but the implementation of new methods for carrying out an”ideal and sustainable” work environment.

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